Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zero in on the problem and reteach, support and practice

It is toe and mind-numbingly cold here today. I had planned on staying in bed in my PJs all day working on school stuff, but my dad called and wanted to meet me and the chicklits for lunch. How can a girl say "no" to her dad? I certainly can't.

We bundled up and headed to Famous Dave's. We weren't even in the car for 3 minutes and I realized my toes were numb. Did you know that you can tell how cold it is by how fast the freeze seeps into your clothes? When it's -6F, that's about 3 minutes sitting in a car. Outside it's about 15 seconds.

After stuffing ourselves on cornbread and bbq sauce we had to head out for karate and movie


Was I complaining about the cold? I'm apologize to you, freezy arctic air. I do love you so.

Anyhooooo, the short version of that whole story is that I spent most of MLK day (and the day before, and apparently tomorrow as well) in bed working working working. No finer place to work as far as I'm concerned.

I've thinking about the CCSS lately and how we can help our kiddos target in on specific areas, especially for math. I thought I'd start looking at the problem in a very small scope; I started with first grade, operations and algebraic thinking, the first standard. If you know that you have a student that isn't secure on this standard, or maybe your entire class needs a little extra practice and support with it, then this is the practice kit for you.

Wondering how you might know if the kidlets are struggling with this standard? You can use this assessment to find out. It was specifically designed for this purpose.

I'm hoping to add the other first grade standards to this category of products in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled for updates. (What does that mean anyway - eyes peeled? Does it remind you of peeled grapes? Or is just me?)

There are 3 sets of different 5-page practice pages. Each uses a different strategy for adding and subtracting. 

Included is the game Counting Up Hearts, perfect for laser-beaming the counting up strategy. You can also download just the game here for free!

Happy laser-beaming!

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