Friday, September 9, 2011

Singing the Blues

A few minutes ago, I was lying as still as a log on the sofa. It was where I crashed after coming home from school, too tired and too weary to do anything else. I was chased out by my daughters fighting, which roused me from my coma on the couch and turned me into a dragon. Now my daughters are sobbing upstairs in their rooms, (one of the periodically wails - please, if you think that is going to work, you don't know the kind of day I've had.)
I have a secret weapon that I keep for the most dire of circumstances. Like all good strategies and tricks,I know that it has a shelf life of only a week or two, and I am loath to use it up; it works that well. When my firsties are at their worst, I slide my secret weapon out of it's holster; I sing.
I sing directions, I sing their names, I sing praise of their actions.
Today I sang all day long.

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