Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sparking the Fire

Today is one of my all-time favorite days of teaching. I've been keeping the library off-limits while we catch on to routines and practice being learners. It's not been ignored, though. I dangle it like a golden ticket, promising adventures that will ensue promptly when we can handle the excitement and responsibility of reading.

We begin this day sharing what good readers do. I can tell that these kids are already readers; they know so much about what we do when we read. What they don't know yet is that reading can fill you so completely that you lose yourself to the world within the ink. It's like telling your children all about Disney World, knowing that someday soon you will take them there to experience it themselves.

20 pairs of eyes were shining back at me, and hands were waving around as the question blurted out "Can we read now, Mrs. M? Can we read our books now?"

And so the first spark caught fire, just like that.

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